ANNE D'AUTRICHE [Valladolid, 1601 - Paris,... - Lot 5 - SVV Lombrail Teucquam

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ANNE D'AUTRICHE [Valladolid, 1601 - Paris,... - Lot 5 - SVV Lombrail Teucquam
ANNE D'AUTRICHE [Valladolid, 1601 - Paris, 1666], queen of France, wife of Louis XIII, mother of Louis XIV. Signed letter. Paris, March 15, 1646; 3 pages in-folio. Fragile paper. A very beautiful letter in which the Regent speaks of the end of the Thirty Years' War, of the direction of the King's education that she entrusted to Mazarin and especially she insists on what was done during her regency: "As after the glory of God I have had nothing before my eyes since the time of my regency but the good of this State, I have continually applied my mind to seek the means that could contribute [....] to consolidate the progress made during the reign of the late King Monseigneur [...] but also to push them further in order to compel those who had flattered themselves that they would gain great advantages from a minority by the continuation of the war. My wishes have not been in vain and it has pleased the divine goodness to pour so many blessings on the reign of the King, Monsieur my son, that he has no reason to envy the prosperity of any other reign, and I have the satisfaction of seeing myself on the eve of the peace that Christendom so passionately desires [...] " He still has to train the young king's mind so that he knows how to govern. After careful consideration and after having taken "the advice of my brother-in-law the Duke of Orleans, even at the request of my cousin the Prince of Condé, I felt I could do no better than to choose my cousin Cardinal Mazarin to take charge of the King's government and to add this new work to the one he is doing [...] with such success for the good of the King.I believed that this choice was locked in the honor that the late King Monseigneur had done him to want him to be his godfather and that he had designated me enough that the main care of his conduct could not be trusted to anyone who was more obliged to try to raise him in the feelings and morals of a great King.
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